You Have This...


WE give you this...(in-home service from a framing expert)


The result is this.


For $35, an expert Mountary Framer will come to your home and offer consultation and pickup of your piece (or pieces). The White Glove fee is just $35, regardless of the number of items you would like to have framed. We use Square for payment during the consultation process. As for the frame itself, all pricing is listed here.

How does it work?

1. Schedule

Choose a time to meet with an expert framer. Check out our schedule.

2. In Person pick-up

* Advice from an expert framer

* Measure artwork

* See sample frames & mats

3. Your finished piece

We will ship your piece (for free) and it arrives in the frame ready to hang!

Why White Glove?

We know that framing can be a bit daunting. If you’re wondering what color would look best or what mat size to choose, we can help. Mountary White Glove is the only framing service that offers in-home consultation and pickup. Our experts are happy to offer their advice, so you can choose the perfect frame for your home or office.



Q: I'm not sure how many pieces I want to frame, can I decide during my appointment? 

A: Absolutely. Your Mountary Framer is there to answer all of your questions, show frame styles and help you to decide on the best frame (or frames!) for you.

Q: Will the I be able to see frame samples? 

A: Yes, you will be able to see and hold sample frames and mats

Q: When do I pay for the frame? 

A: When you decide on the perfect frame, your Mountary Framer will accept payment via Credit Card.