We Make Framing Simple! 

Our collection of American made sold wood frames is perfect for the modern, stylish home. 

We offer 3 frame styles in a variety of colors. 


The slim frame is designed to complement any decor and allows you to beautifully display your print, photo or poster. Our slim frame is available in 9 colors offering a wide selection to allow you to find the perfect frame made just for you.

Material: Solid Wood

Width: ¾”

Depth: ¾”

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.38.08 PM.png


The medium frame has a greater width and depth than the slim frame, creating a bolder look. The medium frame is ideal for larger pieces. We offer 9 color options for our medium frame, so you can find the perfect complement to your piece.

Material: Solid Wood

Width: 1 ⅝”

Depth: ⅞”

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.38.39 PM.png


The deep frame is the perfect way to display your piece raised from the wall. Our deep frame is more than twice as thick as the medium frame, and available in 3 colors. If you are looking to make a statement with your piece, this is your frame.

Material: Solid Wood

Width: 1”

Depth: 2 ⅛”

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.38.57 PM.png

Black, White, Gold, Silver Frames


Natural Wood Frames