All photography provided by Jared Chambers

A movie isn't amazing without sound.  The night sky isn't beautiful without stars. A memory isn't precious without a frame.

Our mission

Everyone should have the tools to personalize their home with the images and moments they savor. To look at a well framed piece of art from a previous adventure or at a framed picture of a loved one brings a smile to your face. We want to bring smiles

Style & Quality

We currently offer 6 contemporary frame styles to allow choice but not an overwhelming amount of choice that leaves your head spinning. 

All of our frames are solid wood with a quality feel and finish. Our mats are acid free to allow you to preserve your piece. 

Beautiful Things

We believe your home is a sanctuary to be filled with positive energy and happy thoughts. What better way to enhance your home, than with images or art pieces that remind you of great adventures, loved ones or just simple beauty. 

This might be a poster from your favorite musician, a print from an up and coming artist or a piece from your latest travel adventure.

100% Handmade

The ability to frame those moments and savor them as warm features hung in your home has been prohibited too long by high cost and inconvenience. At Mountary, we are offering you the ability to custom frame what’s important to you in a style that suits you. We want to allow you to customize your home with stylish and high quality custom frames.

All of our frames are handmade with love in Petaluma, CA.