Designer Trends: 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Frame for Your Art

The interior design pros at Homepolish are back! Today they’re sharing tried-and-true tips on how to choose the right frames and mats for your beautiful art collection.

Tip #1: For large pieces, keep framing simple


Large art pieces have a huge impact on a space. Keep your frame simple so the artwork can shine. Depending on the wall you’re hanging it on, opt for a smaller 1–3” mat, or no mat at all.

And speaking of size, before you even get to the framing, Homepolish founder Noa Santos says to make sure that you’re selecting art pieces that suit the space. “People frequently make the mistake of using art that’s too small, because they’re worried about really committing to a piece that could command attention,” he says. “Make sure the art is the right size for the space, and care less about, you know, does the color coordinate with the pillows.”


Tip #2: Give small pieces emphasis with large mats and frames

“Even if the art you want to put on that wall isn’t the correct size, if the work is on paper, you can really compensate by using a mat and a frame that are bigger to make the work the size you want it,” Noa says.


If you have small pieces of art that are special to you give them a large mat and frame. Or if you have small pieces that are complementary, group them together in a grid to fill the space of a large-sized piece. Either solution helps them make more of a visual impact. Noa adds, “The presentation of the art has a great deal to do with the perceived value of it.” I.e., make it look expensive!

Tip #3: Frame in the right color for the space


Shelly Lynch-Sparks, Homepolish’s head commercial designer, says to pay attention to your room size when picking frame colors. “Lighter frames help a space look bigger, and darker frames draw attention to the fact that a room is small,” she says. If you want to mix up your framing color palette, take cues from other colors in your space. “If your room has a bold accent color, try matching the frame to that,” she says. Or if you have a neutral palette, “Match the color to the floor.” For framing art that will be grouped together in a gallery wall, frame colors are all up to you. For a streamlined look, choose all same-color frames. Or for an eclectic look, select a mish-mash of frames (maybe even a few vintage ones!). It’s up to you and the vibe that suits your space.



Homepolish gives a thumbs-up to Mountary’s frame selection, with simple black and white for modern spaces, and several wood tones for more traditional or down-to-earth spaces. Simple, modern frames always lend an air of sophistication to a space. Homepolish is a service that makes the luxury of an interior designer available to any budget. For more seriously covetable design inspiration, follow Homepolish on Pinterest.


All photos courtesy Homepolish.

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