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Our friends at TWICE want to buy all your unwanted items and to help you unclutter your home.

Until June 30th the TWICE pop-up will be at 410 Castro Street from 8am to 8pm daily. They will pay upfront for all of your unwanted items! 

While you are there, check out the beautiful Mountary Gallery wall! As soon as you have uncluttered your home you may even have space for a Gallery Wall of your own. 

FREE White Glove In-Home Pick-up For the Duration of the TWICE Pop-up when you schedule here


Neil & Mountary Team! 

An Exciting New Original Art Partner (10% OFF for Mountary Users)

Just think: your walls say a lot about who you are, so what would yours say if we asked?

We're excited to partner with Vango - the best place to go to shop original art and limited edition prints to fit your style and personality. Vango is revolutionizing how we access original art and also giving artists a shop window to earn a living and pursue their passion. 

So, whether you want an original print or a unique print to decorate your home shop at Vango. 

Mountary users get 10% OFF with "vango10" at checkout. 

You’re not boring - and your walls shouldn’t be either! Shop Vango and start exploring amazing artwork today.

Create The Perfect Gallery Wall - Live Demo @ GA- 3/31

Due to popular demand we are very excited to partner with our friends at General Assembly to bring a live in person workshop on "How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall". 

Limited space available get your FREE tickets here 

Creating the perfect gallery wall can be tough, but not with your friends at Mountary. Come join us to learn some tricks and get full access to the Mountary cheatsheet. If you have the images you would like be part of your gallery wall bring them with you and we'll be able to help you lay out the wall. 

If you just have 1 piece to frame, our experts will be on hand to help with all of your framing needs. 

What we are offering on the night: 

  1. 20% Off all frames. 
  2. Free shipping for the completed frames to your home. 
  3. Expert guidance on how to lay out your gallery wall.

Details: Tuesday, March 31st from 6:30pm - 8:30pm @General Assembly 225 Bush St, San Francisco. 

Designer Trends: 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Frame for Your Art

The interior design pros at Homepolish are back! Today they’re sharing tried-and-true tips on how to choose the right frames and mats for your beautiful art collection.

Tip #1: For large pieces, keep framing simple


Large art pieces have a huge impact on a space. Keep your frame simple so the artwork can shine. Depending on the wall you’re hanging it on, opt for a smaller 1–3” mat, or no mat at all.

And speaking of size, before you even get to the framing, Homepolish founder Noa Santos says to make sure that you’re selecting art pieces that suit the space. “People frequently make the mistake of using art that’s too small, because they’re worried about really committing to a piece that could command attention,” he says. “Make sure the art is the right size for the space, and care less about, you know, does the color coordinate with the pillows.”


Tip #2: Give small pieces emphasis with large mats and frames

“Even if the art you want to put on that wall isn’t the correct size, if the work is on paper, you can really compensate by using a mat and a frame that are bigger to make the work the size you want it,” Noa says.


If you have small pieces of art that are special to you give them a large mat and frame. Or if you have small pieces that are complementary, group them together in a grid to fill the space of a large-sized piece. Either solution helps them make more of a visual impact. Noa adds, “The presentation of the art has a great deal to do with the perceived value of it.” I.e., make it look expensive!

Tip #3: Frame in the right color for the space


Shelly Lynch-Sparks, Homepolish’s head commercial designer, says to pay attention to your room size when picking frame colors. “Lighter frames help a space look bigger, and darker frames draw attention to the fact that a room is small,” she says. If you want to mix up your framing color palette, take cues from other colors in your space. “If your room has a bold accent color, try matching the frame to that,” she says. Or if you have a neutral palette, “Match the color to the floor.” For framing art that will be grouped together in a gallery wall, frame colors are all up to you. For a streamlined look, choose all same-color frames. Or for an eclectic look, select a mish-mash of frames (maybe even a few vintage ones!). It’s up to you and the vibe that suits your space.



Homepolish gives a thumbs-up to Mountary’s frame selection, with simple black and white for modern spaces, and several wood tones for more traditional or down-to-earth spaces. Simple, modern frames always lend an air of sophistication to a space. Homepolish is a service that makes the luxury of an interior designer available to any budget. For more seriously covetable design inspiration, follow Homepolish on Pinterest.


All photos courtesy Homepolish.

How to Create The Perfect Gallery Wall !

Ah, the coveted gallery wall. Some have it, many want it. With Homepolish designer Savannah Roberts, we’ve put together a detailed how-to for creating your very own! It’s a lot more complicated than blindly hammering nails in the wall and hoping for the best (as you definitely know if you’ve ever experimented). Our resident gallery wall experts have put their heads together and compiled the very best steps for adding punch to any wall in your home/office. Read on brave DIY-er!

Step 1: Inspiration

First up is to determine your personal gallery wall style. Check out Homepolish’s roundup for design notes on all the inspiration you need. Do you like randomness or a grid? Matching artwork or varied? Matching or mismatched frames? Objets d’art? The sky’s the limit.


Step 2

Lay out the pieces of your gallery wall on the floor. Start with a large centerpiece and build out. Use inspiration images from Step 1 to help. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a composition, try this: When you have something you like, snap a picture on your phone. Then make another arrangement. Do this a few times, and then flip through the snapshots. This “editorial view” can help you decide which you like best.


Step 3 - The Mockup

Next, to be sure that your composition looks good on the wall and that the height of it feels right, mock it up on the wall with paper. Trace each frame onto a piece of kraft or tissue paper, trim to size, and tape to the wall in your desired order. Ask yourself, is it grouped around nearby furniture appropriately? Is it a comfortable height? Does it fill the space appropriately? For our example, we wanted the composition to extend a few inches lower than the dining chairs that will sit at the dining table in front of it, and our measurements checked out perfectly. Note that this step is optional, but it helps alleviate error (i.e., unwanted nail holes)!


Step 4 - The Frame 

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to frame all your art. In the example shown, we had enough frames and art pieces that we could be flexible with the composition and switch them out as needed, so inserting art in frames was our last step before hanging.


Step 5 - Hammer & Hang

One perk of using paper mock-ups is making nail placement easy. You can mark each paper with the spot where the frame’s nail should be placed, and when the paper is on the wall, hammer it directly into the mark on the paper, tearing it away after. Then comes our favorite part — hanging those glorious frames on that glorious wall. Oh the satisfaction!


Step 6 - Enjoy 


You did it! Prepare for compliments. You earned it.


The Details - How to Get The Frames For A Gallery Wall Like This? 

All of the frames in this beautifully created gallery wall are from the Mountary range of frames and can be ordered online, or if you're in New York, SF Bay Area and Seattle you can have our White Glove In-Home framer come to you. 

The following frames were used in this gallery wall by our friends at Homepolish, our newest partner, an incredible service that makes the luxury of an interior designer available to any budget. We love their mutable aesthetic, their sense of humor and their truly dreamy projects. 

Photos by Helena Price

There are 16 frames in the gallery wall:

7” x 5”

2” Mat - White

Slim - Natural Wood


11” x 17”

2” Mat - White

Slim - Black


21” x 21”

3” Mat - White

Deep - Black


21” x 15”

Slim - Black


7” x 5”

2” Mat - White

Slim - Natural Wood


7” x 5”

2” Mat - White

Slim - White


18” x 12”

Slim - Natural Wood


10” x 8”

Medium - White


8” x 10”

3” Mat - White

Slim - Black


5” x 7”

1” Mat - White

Slim - Black


18” x 12”

Slim - Natural Wood


10” x 8”

Medium - White


7” x 5”

2” Mat - White

Slim - Natural Wood


10” x 8”

Deep - Black


10” x 8”

3” Mat - White

Slim - Natural Wood


7” x 5”

2” Mat - White

Slim - White


Mountary and Artlifting Helping To Alleviate Homelessness

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Artlifting. Mountary will allow Artlifting customers to order high quality custom frames across the US when ordering art from Artlifting.

Artlifting is a Boston-based social impact startup that empowers homeless and disabled artists through the sale of their artwork, has expanded its national presence to San Francisco.

Homelessness is a major issue in our home city of San Francisco and we are proud to be able to support Artlifting and help alleviate this chronic problem through the power of art.

Check out www.artlifting.com/framing and learn more about how you can empower an artist today!

IMG_0390 copy.jpg

Some of the stories of how Artlifting has helped Artists are amazing.


  1. Katie Hickey-Schulz- Katie experienced homelessness on and off for 10 years, but came across ArtLifting and discovered artistic inspiration. Katie was recently accepted to a program in New Mexico that provides her with both housing and the opportunity to develop art programs for low-income families.

  2. Scott Benner- Scott is currently homeless. His economic situation deteriorated when the company worked for shut down and his chronic illness kept him from finding gainful employment. Since joining with ArtLifting, Scott has had his life's work featured in an exhibition on the famous Newbury St in Boston, and his work has been hung in the Boston Design Center.

  3. Allen Chamberland- Allen battles COPD, a disorder that keeps him from earning a full-time wage. Currently Allen and ArtLifting are preparing his first art show that will run for 2 months this fall in Boston. The proceeds Allen has received from ArtLifting sales will ensure he is able to stop collecting disability within the next year.

Framing is so easy with Mountary, it's child's play!

This post is from our friends over at Stylenik

When Apartment Therapy shot our house back in February, I was worried about the man cave. I thought it might be left out of the shoot altogether because it had one starkly empty wall, and, truth be told, one queen-sized mattress leaning against another wall. But who can pass up a room with forest wallpaper? So the photographer masterfully shot around the room’s flaws...read more

 Child's play! 

Child's play! 

Frame Details: 

Dimesions: 15 1/8 x 21

Frame: Medium Black Frame

How can I help?

After reading Tom Critchlow's post (http://goo.gl/VzBtF1) I decided we should write one for Mountary. Everyone needs help and we're not afraid to say it or ask for it!  


More Yelp reviews

We get a lot of our customers from Yelp, so far we have been so lucky that people have felt so positive about our frames that they have taken to yelp and shared it. This really helps us. For people who haven't yelped about us, it'd be great if you did. 


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We want to have as many people as possible try out our service, we are confident people will like it once they try it. Do you have an easy way of sharing a 20% off coupon code with your office or friends? If yes, let us know and we can create a dedicated code for you. 


Introductions to people selling online? 

We want to meet people who are selling art online, prints, posters etc. We have started working with some great sites to provide a simple framing solution and would love to chat with more people. 


Designers and developers? 

Does anyone want to change the framing industry for the better? We do, and want more people to join us. 



To make it big we need some investors to help us speed things up. 


For any of the above or anything at all just email me neil@mountary.com